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Kangoo Baby Hammock and Carello Frame Combo

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Calm your baby to sleep and more with this safe and snugly hammock combo featuring the Kangoo Baby Hammock, the Carello Frame complete with a Sunny liner to keep your baby happy, warm and safe.

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With a gentle swaying motion, this top of the line hammock can quickly settle your little one, which makes it a perfect solution for both your child and maintaining your sanity with adequate sleep levels.

There are multiple benefits of using the AMAZONAS Kangoo Baby Hammock and Carello Frame Combo including:

* Helping to develop your baby's sense of balance
* Easing wind, flatulence, colic, general tension and stress
* Supporting and calming your baby resulting in less crying

This combo includes the following items:

* Kangoo Baby Hammock
* Carello Frame
* Sunny Hammock Liner

Each of the items are explained in more detail below.

Kangoo Baby Hammock

Suspended at a single point above the hammock, the Kangoo can be rocked back and forwards, creating a very pleasant and comforting feeling for your little one.

It can be buttoned up so that baby feels safe and snug while still visible to mum and dad.

Alternatively, the hammock can be left unbuttoned for curious babies who want to watch the world go by!

The Kangoo Baby Hammock is one of the safest baby hammocks on the market and has multiple features including:

* A sewn in 5-point safety harness to provide you with ultimate peace of mind
* It's 'bag' type design means babies cannot roll back or forwards as the baby's weight will weigh it down
* Space underneath the lying surface for the matress/blanket to be inserted, protecting baby from slipping in between
* The Kangoo hammock allows adequate airflow
* Mimics the comforting floating state that the baby experienced inside mums womb for 9 months
* The spreader bar is removable so the hammock can be machine washed


* Age range: birth to 9 months (approx for small babies)
* Maximum weight: 15kg
* Cradle measurements: 70cm x 40cm
* Spreader bar width: 40cm
* Weight of hammock: 1.15kg
* Material: 100% cotton

AMAZONAS Carello Baby Frame

The Carello Baby frame is a beautifully designed frame made from untreated Sprucewood.

The stand arrives in 5 parts, however once assembled, the stand can easily be broken down into 2 main parts, making it portable. It easily fits in the back of the car once the 2 main parts are separated.


* Modern design made with sturdy untreated sprucewood
* Easy to carry and transport
* Stable, tilt-proof design
* Option to coat with non-toxic varnish, enabling the frame to withstand any weather condition


* Height: Approx 130cm
* Dimensions: 82.5cm x 130cm x 99.4cm
* Load capacity: 35kg
* Stand weight: 10kg

AMAZONAS Sunny Blanket Liner

The Sunny blanket comes in two colour options: Sunny (orange/red) or Sunny Cacao (cream).

This beautiful blanket liner is extremely soft and beautifully designed. It is designed to to help warm baby's back and turn the hammock into an even more comfortable resting area.


    * Slits incorporated into the blanket to accommodate the 5 point safety harness
    * Blanket can also be used as a pram liner or car seat liner
    * Carries the 'eco tested' label, ensuring the blanket has been tested for harmful substances and is approved for use with babies
    * Insulating thermo filling consisting of hollow fiber and the smooth cotton flannel


    * Brand: AMAZONAS
    * Material: Fabric: 100 % cotton flannel. Thermal filling consisting of hollow fiber
    * Can be combined with: Baby hammocks: Koala, Kaya, Kangoo
    * Dimensions: 86cm x 46cm
    * Weight: 0.4kg

    Purchase the Kangoo Baby Hammock and Carello Frame Combo today for your baby, or as a special gift for the expected parents to be.

    Warranty and Returns Information:

    * 12 months warranty*
    * Returns eligible for manufacturing issues only
    * Visit the FAQ section for the warranty fine print


Additional Information

SKU Kangoo + Carello baby + Sunny
Hammock Size Baby / Child
Hammock Capacity (kg) 15
Hanging Distance (m) .9
Length (m) 70
Width (m) 40
Hammock Group Premium
Hammock Type Baby / Child
Suits One person
Multiple Colours No


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Kangoo and Carello frame are a good combo Review by Bronwyn
Our new little girl just loves this hammock, so glad we got it. Looks and feels sturdy, happy to recommend. Thanks, (Posted on 24 February 2015)
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Brilliant idea, my daughter slept through virtually from the very beginning. Review by HStenning
Brilliant idea, my daughter slept through virtually from the very beginning. She has only just moved into her cot bed at 5 and a half months.

The only downside to begin with was that there is no way to really use traditional bedding, however, we started using grow bags within a week of her being born, she was always lovely and warm and I was not worried about her getting the bedding over her head.

Great for self settling, the gentle rocking that my daughter made by fidgeting was sufficient to rock her back to sleep.

It's a huge shame that this product did not last until the advertised 9 months although having read other reviews I never expected it to, you would have to have a small baby for it to last that long.

Worth every penny! (Posted on 30 September 2014)
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Wonderful hammock that my baby slept so well in. Review by Rhubarbgarden
Wonderful hammock that my baby slept so well in she was sleeping through by five weeks. Perhaps she would have done anyway, who knows, but I do think the hammock helped. It held her snugly so she couldn't roll around and as there was no empty space around her, I'm sure she felt more secure than she would have done in a large moses basket or cot. She also looked so cosy in it that it made everyone who saw it want an adult version.

We had it by the side of our bed so we could easily give it a little rock if she woke up, and rocking it certainly helped her go to sleep in the first place. The only drawbacks are that the frame takes up quite a lot of space, so it could be a challenge to squeeze it in in a small bedroom, and, worse, the claim that it is suitable up to nine months - our baby had outgrown it by six weeks. Although she technically still fitted in it (just), by that point she wanted room to stretch and move more freely. Still worth it though for those crucial first few weeks. (Posted on 11 September 2014)
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