How to hang a hammock

When it comes to hanging your hammock, there are a few simple yet important things to be aware of.

Please note that the information provided below is a general guideline, and you may need to apply some common sense when hanging your hammock.

Mexican, Brazilian and Nicaraguan hammocks (without spreader bar)

As you are probably aware, hammocks come in a range of lengths and sizes, which can make it difficult in determining the ideal widths and heights in which to hang them.

When your hammock is setup, the amount of curve or sag is going to be determined by the distance between the ends of your hammock.

As a general rule of thumb, non spreader bar hammocks are designed so they sag in the middle, with the connection points higher, creating a "v" shape. The hanging loops of the hammock can be fastened at approximately head height and around 3m apart.

Most people are not aware that it is recommended to lie at an angle across the hammock, not directly inline with the hammock.

We have created an easy to understand diagram that shows you the best way to hang a hammock with a few different hammock lengths.

How to hang a hammock

Hanging accessories

We often stock hanging accessories which are an ideal way of connecting the hammock to a tree or pole without damaging the tree. These straps wrap around the tree / pole and connect to a "S" hook which then connects to the hammock itself.

See below for the products:

Alternatively if you are connecting to a pole, you can use the below accessories:

Non spreader bar style hammocks are generally fastened using ropes to either tree's, beams, poles or other sturdy objects that will hold the weight of the person(s) intending to get in the hammock.

Should you find yourself in the situation where the tree's / poles that you are wanting to hang your hammock from are too far apart, you can make use of ropes and or chains to extend the suspension points. Keep in mind that if you do this, you may need to move the suspension point higher so that you can still retain the appropriate gap distance from the ground when hanging in the hammock.

Hanging with a hammock stand

Hammock in stand example

Of course, this information page would be incomplete without mentioning hammock stands. See below for a list of items we sell through our online store.

There are many benefits of hanging your hammock on a hammock stand, including ease of set up and ease of placement. Adjustable hammock stands are relatively light weight and can be moved around with one to two people easily.

For example, if you are relaxing in the sun and you get too hot, you can easily move the hammock to a shady spot and continue relaxing without too much effort.

Spreader bar hammocks

Hanging a spreader bar hammock is different to hanging a traditional (non spreader bar) hammock. The above diagram is not suitable for spreader bar hammocks. Hammocks with Spreader bars are designed to be hung "flat".

In order to hang a Mexican Hammocks with Spreader bars, you will need a hanging distance of around the same length of your hammock.

For example, say the total length of your spreader bar hammock is 3.7 metres, your hanging distance should be a minimum of 3.7m. However if the hanging distance is longer, you can loosen your ropes or straps to reach the loops of your hammock. The reason you do this is because this hammocks are not hanged in a "V" shape like the Brazilian, Nicaraguan and Mexican hammocks without spreader bars.