Hanging a hammock chair

The best way to hang your hammock chair

Wondering what the best way is to hang your hanging chair? We get asked this question a lot, so we have decided to dedicate a page of information to it. We hope this information is of use to you.

Disclaimer: Please note, the advice given on this page is general advice. We void ourselves of any liability and damages resulting from the information provided below.

The truth is, the ideal height you hang your chair is a personal preference, some like it higher, some like it lower.

Where to hang your chair

Hanging chairs and hammock chairs require one fixing point to hang the chair. This can be either indoors or outdoors, though if you are hanging your chair outside, it will pay to check the specifications and care instructions to avoid damage from the elements.

Examples of where to hang include beams on a verandah, ceilings and tree branches. The basic rule of thumb here is that the fixture has to be able to handle the weight of the user(s).

If you are attaching the chair to masonry or concrete, it is recommended that you ask your local hardware store for advice and check that the intended fixing point will handle the weight. Masonry and concrete style bolts will need to be purchased separately, as that style of bolt is generally not included with the chair.

Diagram showing how to hang your hanging chair


In the example above, you will see two distances. The first is the minimum distance from the bottom of the chair to the ground. As a general rule of thumb, this can be approximately 40cm - 50cm for ease of getting in and out of the chair. Some people like it higher, at approximately 70cm - 80cm.

The minimum height is a matter of choice, and it all depends on your personal preference.

The second distance is the minimum suspension height from the ground to the top loop of the chair.

Many people are surprised at the height you may have to hang the chair. It is important to remember that when first used the hanging chair will most likely stretch over time slightly.

Now, depending on the size of the hanging chair and the weight of the person(s) in the chair, the suspension height required may vary. Please see below for estimated minimum suspension heights of the hanging chairs with an "average" load.

Please note that we have not included all of our range in the below table. Please refer to the instructions supplied with your chair for more information specific to your chair.

Hanging Chair Model Minimum Suspension Height XX
(plus fastening materials)
Hanging Chair Model Minimum Suspension Height XX
(plus fastening materials)
Brasil approx. 210 cm Brasil Gigante approx. 200 cm
Globo Chair approx. 175 cm Globo Royal Chair approx. 175 cm
Havanna approx. 195 cm Hang Solo approx. 225 cm
Relax approx. 195 cm Swinger approx. 195 cm

Suspension and fastening options for your hanging chair

There are a variety of options when it comes to the suspension of your chair. We have linked the products below that you may be interested in.

As a general rule of thumb, the best way to hang your hammock chair is with a plate style hook and a spring. We recommend that you have the plate installed by a professional, such as a qualified tradesmen. Disclaimer: the user assumes all risk and liability for the installation of the fixtures.

A spring will add to the comfort of the hanging chair experience. It is designed to bring additional comfort when sitting in the hammock chair, and it also protects against abrupt tension of the strings of the chair when getting in and out of it.

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