How to hang hammock straps

We sell a few different types of hammock straps, however the process for mounting the straps is roughly the same for each type.

Disclaimer: The information provided below is generic. You should receive instructions with the hammock straps you purchase, so please refer to these instructions provided for specific instructions.

Where to hang tree straps

Where ever you decide to hang your straps, ensure that whatever the strap is connected to can hold the intended weight of the user(s).

See a list below of ideas where you can mount the straps:

* Veranda poles
* Tree branches
* Trees (if width allows)
* Poles

How to hang tree straps

After choosing a sturdy place to mount the strap(s), begin by holding the end with the loop, wrap the Tree Strap around the chosen pole or tree at a height that you are happy to hang the hammock from, then slide the ring end through the loop and pull firmly until the strap is tight around the pole or tree.

From there, continue wrapping the strap around the chosen pole or tree until the appropriate length is met. To avoid the strap sliding, use a half hitch around the pole or tree to make it tighter.

Once you have achieved the appropriate length, attach the supplied 'S' hook to hang your hammock from its ring.

Once completed, repeat the above steps on the second pole or tree. Once you have done this, you should be able to hang your hammock on the straps.

We advise you check your hammock tree straps atleast once every 6 months. Outdoor elements like rain and sun can wear the straps out, and worn straps can lead to accidents and injuries.

Example video

Please see the video example below for how to hang a tree strap: